Happy Post #1


I get a lot of comments asking me how I start my day to make it more awesome. I don’t do anything in particular but what I have been thinking about doing for a while is a “happiness post.” I did a version of this in college when I was feeling down in the dumps. I got myself a notebook and at the end of each day I’d reflect on what happened by writing down the little things that made me happy. Small things like Read More





I got a comment a few days ago that really bothered me. It wasn’t because the person said anything rude or hateful at all. It was actually the opposite. They asked me why my life “looks way better and enjoyable than” theirs. This completely caught me off guard because my life is definitely not always happy 24/7. People have always said they like my vlogs because they’re “real” and “raw” but if someone thought my life was Read More


January Favorites


If you’re reading this, you may have already seen my January Favorites video. I’ve decided this will be my unofficial January favorites. All of the random, rambly favorites (is that a word?) that I can’t physically show on YouTube or would just be too long to explain. Read More


A Guide to Graphic Design


While I’ve been on YouTube I’ve gotten a ton of questions about graphic design.

+ What is graphic design?
+ Should I take graphic design?
+ Do I need to know how to draw to be a graphic designer?
+ What’s life after college like? Read More


Hello 2017


It’s been a WHILE since I last posted on this blog. I always wanted to get into blogging because I think it’s a nice little outlet to post and look back at memories (can you tell by that last statement and my vlogs that I’m a very nostalgic person lol) but I could barely even keep up with weekly video uploads. Read More




During the month of February I had the chance to go to Yosemite with a group of friends. We got an amazing deal on Groupon for a cabin and spent a long weekend exploring all the different sites.

IMG_001 Read More




It’s crazy how fast 2015 came and went but I’m really excited about 2016. There are so many things I want to do this year and a few I’m a bit scared about. Here are a few resolutions I’m planning on working towards…

+ Try minimalism
+ Try being vegetarian for at least 3 months
+ Workout/be active at least Read More