2018 Update


Oh, hey there. You may have just watched the project I did with Aveeno x Allure in January. You may also be wondering where I have been since early February?! I’ve gotten lots of comments and DM’s asking where I’ve been and there are a few reasons why I’ve been off YouTube when I didn’t want to be off YouTube. Here are the reasons why.

Firstly, ABOUT the Video…

As you may have noticed, the video looks different than my usual style of video. This video was the first video on my channel where I did not have full control of the camera or the editing. I was able to do some hand lettering but that’s about it! This was so new to me because, as you know, I film and edit everything myself. It felt really weird but it was a learning experience! I still love and will continue to produce my own videos because I truly love that process so much. I will not give that part up for my normal videos, so don’t you worry! It was also a great learning experience so that I know what to do if another video opportunity like this ever comes up in the future. I was so excited about the original concept of the video because it would have been helpful and informative to you guys while also showcasing Aveeno (a win, win for everyone!). Due to time constrictions though, the concept got cut down tremendously and the whole idea was not able to fit in the 1 minute window. In the future, I now know that I need to ask better questions and to make clear agreements so that the video turns out to be as true to me and as helpful to you as possible!

My fear in posting this video was the fact that I have not uploaded in about 2 months and the first one I upload is a sponsored video. If you watched my vlogs, you know that the crew came over in January to film this project. It took about 2 months for the final edit to be produced and that’s why this video has popped up out of the blue after my being absent since February! I want you to know that when this opportunity came up, I was extremely excited to be working with such big brands (and I’m still honored that they reached out to feature me in this video). I could not say no to this opportunity because I’ve been using Aveeno since I was a little kid and Allure and Condé Nast are amazing companies that I believe in. I hope that you guys see that, even though this is not my typical video, it was a great opportunity to work with these awesome brands and a really, really good learning experience for me. I also hope the quick, doubling up makeup tips helped!

Now onto what I’ve been doing these past couple months…


1. I started Tahitian dance classes!

A lot of my cousins have danced for years. My mom danced when she was younger and my sister has been dancing for the last 3 years or so. I took a drop in class last year and LOVED it so much. I made it my goal to start taking classes this year and I’m so happy I did because I’m finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do and learning so much about a culture that I love.

I started at the end of January on Green Team (adult beginners). The class goes from 6 pm to 7 pm which means I have to leave work at 5 and sit in an hour’s worth of traffic (sometimes more) to hopefully make it by 6 pm. The Purple Team class (intermediate adults) starts at 7 pm. I wanted to get to the intermediate level of dance because the time slot would be so much better! I went to a trial Purple class just to see what Purple Team would be like… It turned into a frickin tryout. I felt like an idiot because I didn’t know half the moves they were doing. Turns out, I got let onto Purple Team! But since I’m so new, my instructor told me that I should still keep going to Green team to catch up since I had literally only been dancing for like 2 weeks. So I’m so very grateful that I’m officially on the intermediate team and also get to go to the beginners class (double the workout)! But It’s 2 hours after being mentally drained doing 8 hours of design work at my day job and an hour of sitting in traffic. Dance is 2 days a week so when I get home Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually get home around 9 pm and am passed out by 10 pm. And on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays… I just wanted to sit and recuperate.

2. I’m TRAVELING & FEELING overwhelmed

My brain is getting used to my new schedule and all this physical activity. I feel like I’m mentally ready to start videos up again, but I’m so far behind on vlogs that I don’t even know where to begin. Do you ever look at your work load and feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start? That’s me right now. I have over 5 hours of footage to sift through and edit. I will get it done, I promise. I just have to start and find the time to do it. Two weekends ago, I flew out of town to go to my friend’s wedding reception. Last weekend, I went to Coachella. This current week after all of that, I’m in Europe on a 2-week vacation with my family (hello from my hotel bed at 2:31 am, London time)! It’s a lot of fun stuff but just a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. I’m mentally ready to start up videos again and I promise I’ll get everything done when time frees up.


3. Relationships

Sometimes I plan to get things done but unexpected plans come up. In past years, I would think to myself, “I can’t go out because I have so many videos to edit.” I passed on many opportunities to hang out and build relationships with friends. I would sometimes pass up on lunch with family and sulk and stress at home about how much work I had to do and think about how much fun it would be to be out with them instead. I decided to make an effort to be more open to plans and make a conscious effort to build relationships with my friends and family. I’ve been enjoying this time with them and although I truly miss editing videos, the time spent off the computer has been worth it.


That was a lot of rambling and I appreciate if you’ve made it this far! Basically, my new schedule has been crazy but I am mentally ready to get back into videos. My schedule is going to be extra busy until mid-May but once that hits, I will be back at it consistently for sure. I also again want you to know that I would never make a video with brands I do not use or believe in and that although this video doesn’t look like my usual, it was a really good experience for me and I learned a lot from it. Thank you for being so patient with me. I appreciate your support over the last couple months and want you to know it means a lot to me. You da best.

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  1. I’ve always known that the reason why you haven’t posted any video is because you are busy. I miss your vlogs. A lot. Whenever i see a notif on my YT app, i keep wishing it’s a new video from you. But i do understand that you have more important things to do. So you do those first. Prioritize your family, your friends, your work, and other stuff you like. Oh and Leo, of course! (Almost forgot about him. Haha). We’ll just be here. Have fun in Europe! 😊💕

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