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Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Everyone


Thanksgiving is over and December is right around the corner. That means holiday gift shopping starts NOW. Or you know… the week of Christmas because who has time to shop with everything going on during the holidays. But hopefully this list will help get you inspired and maybe even get you started on your holiday shopping. And the best part… the majority of these can be found on AMAZON. Prime members rejoice!!!


A. Beanie (black) ‣
B. Beanie (knit) ‣

C. Beanie (grey) ‣
D. Beanie (slouchy) ‣
E. Dollar Shave Club Subscription Box ‣
F. 3 Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack ‣
G. Herschel Settlement Backpack ‣
H. Herschel Retreat Backpack ‣
I. Herschel Dawson Backpack ‣
J. Cologne ‣



A. Keychain ‣
B. Coordinates Keychain ‣
C. Puzzle Keychain ‣
D. Viewfinder ‣



A. 4-in-1 Lens (iPhone 6s and Plus) ‣
B. Core Lens Set ‣
C. No Slip Phone Ring ‣
D. Pop Socket ‣
E. Life proof Case ‣
F. 20% off EyeBuyDirect ‣ IFF4DZJ4ES
G. External Hard Drive ‣
H. iPhone Case ‣
I. Vintage Camera iPhone Case ‣



A. Pantone Cup ‣
B. Tumbler ‣
C. Acrylic Tumblers (set of 4) ‣
D. Glass Tumbler with Straw ‣
E. Scissors ‣
F. Stapler
G. Tape Dispenser ‣
H. Rose Gold Tape Dispenser ‣
I. Rose Gold Paper Clips
J. Black Paper Clips ‣
K. Teal Paper Clips
L. Acrylic Polaroid Frame ‣
M. Double Polaroid Frame ‣
N. Marble Coasters ‣
O. Marble Gold Edge Coasters ‣
P. Felt Laptop Sleeve ‣
Colorful Laptop Sleeve ‣
R. Chic Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve ‣
S. Earbuds ‣
T. Headphones



A. Rode Mic ‣
B. Advanced Rode Mic ‣
C. Tripod ‣
D. Vlog Gorilla Pod Camera Tripod ‣
E. Vlog Camera Tripod ‣
F. Extra Canon G7x Batteries ‣
G. Lens Cap Connector ‣
H. Canon G7x (Vlog Camera) ‣
I. Canon Rebel ‣
J. External Monitor ‣



A. Nike Gym Bag ‣
B. “I Did My Best” Gym Bag ‣
C. “After This We’re Getting Pizza” Gym Bag ‣
D. “Think It, Want It, Get It” Gym Bag ‣
E. Swell Water Bottle ‣
F. Hydroflask ‣
G. Yoga Mat ‣
H. Wireless Ear Buds ‣
I. Vitamix ‣
J. Small Vitamix ‣



A. Fresh Balsam Candle (Bath & Body Works) ‣
B. Winter Candle (Bath & Body Works) ‣
C. Stress Relief Candle (Bath & Body Works) ‣
D. Balsam Fir Candle ‣
E. Nest Fragrances ‣
E. Nest Holiday Diffuser ‣
F. Decorative Pillows ‣
G. Throw Blankets ‣
G. Bulky Knit Throw ‣
H. CUSTOM Doormats!!! ‣
I. Hello Doormat ‣
J. Hey There, Take Care Doormat ‣
K. Kitchen Goods ‣
L. Pretty Planters ‣
M. Pet TeePee ‣



A. Away Luggages ($20 off at checkout!) ‣
B. Toiletry Bags ‣
B. Grey Toiletry Bag ‣
C. Herschel Toiletry Bag ‣
D. Travel Size Dry Shampoo ‣
E. Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner ‣
F. Natural Charcoal Soap ‣
G. Natural Blue Clay Soap ‣
H. Natural Pink Clay Soap ‣
I. Lush Mask ‣



A. Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb ‣
B. Blackberry Lush Bath Bomb ‣
C. The Experimenter Lush Bath Bomb ‣
D. Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb ‣
E. Frozen Lush Bath Bomb ‣
F. Lush Mask ‣
G. Glossier Masks (20% off at checkout!) ‣
H. Dark Walnut Bath Caddy ‣
I. Bamboo Bath Caddy ‣
Cozy Slippers ‣
J. All Slippers ‣



A. 20% off Glossier ‣
B. Sephora Gift Card ‣
C. Straightener ‣
D. Curling Iron Set ‣



A. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish ‣
B. Butter London Nail Polish ‣
C. Essie Nail Polish ‣
D. Essie Gel Top Coat ‣
E. Amazon Gift Card ‣
F. Starbucks Gift Card ‣
G. Sephora Gift Card ‣
H. Ulta Gift Card ‣
I. Regal Gift Card ‣
J. Fandango Gift Card ‣

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