A Fall Outfit


Happy almost Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean we should forget about fall. That being said, I threw together a Thanksgiving outfit to celebrate the holiday and all things autumn.

I went to Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch, the most frickin’ trendy pumpkin patch you will ever see, and took some pictures with my friend Laura (check out her Instagram! I love her feed).

I’m wearing a long sleeve crop top, zip up corduroy skirt in the most fall color I could find, and a pair of thigh-high socks. Everything is from Forever 21 and unfortunately, all have sold out… but luckily these pieces are all pretty basic!

I really wish fall lasted longer… especially here in California where the weather doesn’t even start to feel like autumn until it’s almost Christmas time. Nonetheless, dressing up in fall attire and doing festive things with friends makes the season feel a lot cozier.

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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