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Joshua Tree, CA


Leo and I have talked about going camping in Joshua Tree for so many years but never took initiative to actually go do it. Out of the blue, our friend Eryn decides to surprise her boyfriend, Matt, with a weekend camping trip to Joshua Tree and asked us to join! Leo and I grabbed our tent, lots of water and ice (it was 100 degrees omg) and headed out to spend a night in the desert with some lovely people.

Eryn reserved Group Site #3 and we had it all to ourselves! I’ve never been camping in such a secluded campground before (I also haven’t been camping in almost 100 degree weather in the desert SO that probably probably why it was so empty). It was crazy that whenever we would decide to take a moment to stop talking in unison, there was nothing but silence. No sounds from anywhere. I’d never experienced that before and I loved it.

We drove up in 3 separate cars and parked them on the outskirts of our Group Site. The Jeep makes it look so campy and I love it, hehe.

Leo and I brought our huge 11 person tent for 5 of us to sleep in. So much room for activities!

It was so hot during the day that all we had the energy to do was lounge around in the shade. We did attempt hiking but didn’t venture too far out because of the heat.

After the hike, Jim and Jayna who were in charge of dinner made us a yummy meal.

Sunset was one of my favorite parts of the day. Everything looked even more picturesque and I took some night shots. This is one of my favorites I took of Eryn. The sun had already set and everyone got out their headlamps.

THE SKY WAS AMAZING. The stars and the milkyway were so bright. We all laid out on the picnic tables and camp chairs looking up at the sky.

We all retired to our tents after hours of stargazing and sitting by the fire making s’mores.

The next morning was just as hot as before but we decided to take a short early morning hike regardless.

This is one of my faaaaavorite photos I took on the trip. I have such an urge to turn this into a magazine cover for traveling or hiking or something LOL

After the hike, we packed up all our stuff and headed back on the road home.

Joshua Tree was extremely hot but incredibly pretty. I’m so glad that Leo and I finally got to go and I hope to go back in the future to explore some more (in hopefully some cooler weather)!

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  1. i’m going there this weekend. & camping. i’m very excited your photos are amazing ! i hope to take great photos like yours as well :))

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