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If you told me that I’d love eating healthy 2 years ago, I’d laugh in your face. But when I made the transition to vegetarian, I told myself I’d eat find healthy foods that I actually love to eat and CRAVE. This chocolate milkshake is one of them. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS! The milkshake I drink every morning comes out to about 16 fl oz. It’s super filling as well so you won’t be craving snacks between breakfast and lunch.


2 1/2 frozen bananas
2-3 strawberries (optional)
A sprinkle of blueberries (optional)
1 1/5 heaping spoonfuls of cacao powder
2 heaping spoonfuls of almond butter
Unsweetened almond milk

Put all ingredients into your blender (I use a Vitamix). I start off with bananas first followed by the strawberries and blueberries (optional) followed by cacao, almond butter, and almond milk. I usually eyeball the milk and fill it up as close to the top as possible without going over the top of all the previous ingredients. It’s important to put enough milk or your blender could overheat. All that’s left to do is blend until smooth!


This milkshake comes in at a whopping 500 calories of pure HEALTHY deliciousness (250 if you cut the ingredients in half to make 1 cup of chocolate milkshake). This means it will keep you feeling full, especially since it has roughly 13.5 grams of purely natural protein!

Let me know if you try this out or if you have any other healthy smoothie or milkshake creations you love!

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  1. Having being watched so many videos on Youtube for so many years on youtube, you’re the first that struck me with a good sense of familiarity and connected-ness! And i must say, you’re the first that i came across which i checked out the blog to see what more is offered! Thanks for being such a sincere sharer, a simple and easy minimalist that inspires me to do the same as you. Even in your blog, i love the text/paragraph spacings and graphics you’ve chosen to keep it simple and easy to digest your focus points.

    You really left me thinking on what more to do for my own direction! I’m moving to Cali soon for pursuit of Uni, and i must say your apartment tour has left me much ideas on how top spruce mine up! Thank you babe, hope to really meet you up in real life someday and learn from you! Don’t despise your youth!=)

    1. Wow, that really means a lot! I’m glad you’ve been able to relate to my videos. That makes me so happy 🙂 thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! Appreciate it ❤️

  2. hi there i really apretiated your videos and i have to say that you’ve inspired me .im trying to orgnize myself and start a good and healthy lifestyle espacially since i’ll soon start the uni soooo thanks a lot for your advices and i hope you’ll keep up with the good work with the same energy .also if it not too much ;i would really apritiated if you could ..maybe..possibly make a video to give good advices and hacks for college
    soo yeah thanks again
    #BIG FAN 😉 :*

  3. How does that smoothie add up to 500 calories? I am just curious because the fruit really doesn’t carry any calories. Could you let me know because I made it today but when I saw the calories I don’t really want to be consuming that much just for a morning smoothie. Please let me know. Nice job on the video. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Charyl. Fruits actually do have calories. 1 medium banana alone has 105 calories. Eating that much in the morning is actually good for you. It’s best for your breakfast to be the biggest meal of the day, then lunch, then dinner the smallest. Yes, it’s a lot of calories. But they’re GOOD calories. And the great thing about eating natural food that nurishes your body is that you can eat as much as you want until you feel full. Don’t let the calories freak you out, as long as they’re good calories, that isn’t something you should be worried about. And once you’re fueled up on all the nutrients from the milkshake, you won’t feel the need to snack on EMPTY calories throughout the day. If you’re still worried about calories, look up the amount you should be eating for your height, age, etc and see how this milkshake fits just fine into that. Again, if they’re good calories, it’s fine. And if it helps, I drink this almost every day and have gained no additional weight in the process.

      Also, here are where the calories are coming from:
      2 1/2 bananas = 263 calories
      1 1/5 spoonfuls of cacao = 15 calories
      2 tbspn almond butter = 162 calories
      1 serving size almond milk = 60 calories

      Look up the nutritional properties of each individual ingredient and you’ll see how researchers have deemed these good and healthy calories to consume.

    2. Also, one last point. This milkshake has 500 calories. Coke Zero has none. But drinking that 1 soda with zero calories can cause so many health issues whereas this milkshake fuels your body with natural nutrition, protein, and more. You’ll body will thank you for drinking 500 good calories as opposed to a drink with 0 calories and harmful ingredients. Google “is Coke Zero bad for you” And you’ll find dozens of articles as to why it is. Just another example of how calories aren’t harmful so long as they’re GOOD.

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