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Four Days in Maui


Leo started a new design job a few months back. After a few months, I could tell it was a much better fit for him than his previous ones. Towards the end of the year he told me he had some exciting news that he learned at work. When we both got home that night, he told me that his job had done so well that year that they were going to treat everyone and their SO’s to a trip to Hawaii. HAWAII! I SCREAMED. I couldn’t believe it. Hawaii has always been my favorite place and this time I’d get to go with Leo for FREE. I was so excited.

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is walking distance to Whaler’s Village. The weather was so perfect. Not hot, not cold. Apparently March is a lovely time to go! The first two days we were there, Leo and his coworkers spent a few hours working together in the afternoon so he and I spent the evenings out walking to Whaler’s getting gelato and doing some shopping.

Saturday and Sunday were the most fun for the both of us. We went on a snorkeling tour which took us to a little cove full of fish where we flew our drone and got some amazing shots! It also took us to Turtle Town where we saw a couple turtles swimming out and about in the clear blue waters. Sunday was supposed to be our adventure day but since we couldn’t get ahold of a car, we spent the day on First street where we ate, flew the drone, and later went back to get a massage (our first ones ever!) at the Monroe Spa at the hotel.

I’m also so happy I got the chance to meet all of Leo’s coworkers and finally put faces to names! It was a short but sweet little trip and I’m so extremely grateful I got the opportunity to tag along.

Check out the travel diary I put together up on my vlog channel!

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  1. Hii jasmine im bushra seems that you enjoyed alot at huwaii .may Almighty bless you and leo as well stay blessed you inspire me lot i love to watch your vlogs ☺ you are so kind ..n pretty im from india ..lots of love xoxo ☺😘.

  2. I can imagine how happy you were, cause going to Hawaii for free is an amazing opportunity! When I look at those photos I’m like: ‘Woow, that looks soo tumblr(ish) I wish I could visit Hawaii!’. JK. I am actually hungry when I’m looking at those photos hahah! You and Leo looked like you really enjoyed it and the drone photos are just perfect!

  3. Some of our good mainland friends we re coming back for a Maui vacation , and they asked us what they d do with 4 days.  We thought we d share our recommendations, since it might help others planning 4 days on Maui.  First, you ll see their message to us, then our recommendations below that. I am sitting at my desk planning the week. The girls are so excited and we feel much needed rest mixed with lots of fun.

  4. I started on your Youtube channel and made it here! I’m glad I did because I love a good blog <3

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