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Scottsdale, AZ


The last few weeks have been so crazy. As you may have already been able to tell, work took a tole on both my YouTube channels. I was staying at work late to work on the “decks” or PowerPoint presentations the higher ups at TB put together for the Franchisees. My coworker and my job is to pretty up the decks with the branded theme for the convention. It takes a LONG TIME. Not to mention all the last minute revisions. Oh so fun! But once we get to the airport, the changes die down and we finally get to travel (which was one of the perks I looked forward to when I first saw the job description).

We stayed at the Fairmont Princess for my second year in a row and I was so excited to be back. I got to stay in the newest section of the resort. They finished it 2 months after my last stay and it was even better than my room last year (which was mind-blowing to me because my room last year was AMAZING).

My room was a ways away from the conference rooms but the pathway to it was beautiful. So many different cacti I even spotted a bunny or two in the morning.

I got to go to dinner with my friend Kristen from high school and grab dinner the other nights with my coworkers to unwind a bit after the long days (7am – 8pm!). All in all, it was a really good work trip. Seeing the end result of everything makes me feel really proud to call this my job and all the hard work and long hours become worth it.

Here’s a little Instagram video I put together for my personal feed that gives a little taste of what we do at the conventions:

And here’s a link to this weeks vlog:
I Went to Arizona for Work + Hotel Room Tour!!

I hope you’re having a lovely week!

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