I got a comment a few days ago that really bothered me. It wasn’t because the person said anything rude or hateful at all. It was actually the opposite. They asked me why my life “looks way better and enjoyable than” theirs. This completely caught me off guard because my life is definitely not always happy 24/7. People have always said they like my vlogs because they’re “real” and “raw” but if someone thought my life was awesome and happy 24/7 just from watching my vlogs, I felt like I needed to put a disclaimer somewhere in the description stating that this is a very short summary of a very long week.

There are roughly 12 awake hours in a day. That’s 84 hours if you times 12 by every day of week I vlog for. My vlogs are only about 15-30 minutes long. NOT EVEN a full hour of one of the days I vlog for. There are so many things that stress me out and make me unhappy during the day. Work can cause me anxiety, editing can stress me out, people can be mean and piss me off. This goes for everyone else in the world. You, me, YouTubers, social media influencers, celebrities, EVERYONE. You have to remember that the bits of their lives that those people let you see isn’t their whole life.

I pick up the camera to update YouTube and my future self on what I was doing at that particular moment. I pick up the camera when something fun happens that I want to remember and relive in the future. I don’t think anyone in the middle of an argument would suddenly stop and think, “Oh! I need to vlog this! Hold that thought while I get my camera.”

My point is that you should never feel bad about your life just because someone else’s looks more fun, enjoyable, or aesthetically pleasing than yours. No one is perfect and they’d be lying if they said they were.

I hope you’re having the most lovely day.

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  1. I definitely agree because behind all those videos that entertain a lot of viewers, I know that all of the Youtubers I watch experience some negativity at some point as well. They just choose to show the part of their lives that are really worth sharing and inspiring for the world to see which are the ones that they think are the best amidst all the circumstances in life.

    In my opinion, social media has helped humanity to experience and connect our lives together to a whole nother level. It’s amazing since the people back then even considered that the invention of the internet is a miracle. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to explore a bit of other people’s lives in just a touch of my fingertips. And here I am, typing a comment to this blog post. . .isn’t it just stunning to be able to communicate with people from different parts of the world and even get a response from them in a matter of seconds? Anyway, even though our technology benefits us in numerous ways, it also affects us in a negative way. We become so obsessed with the idea of “perfection” that is shown to us by the social media when in reality, almost everything is just filtered. That way, we become so empty at the end of the day and still compare ourselves to others. What I’m trying to say is we need to stop looking at other people’s lives and thinking that theirs look way better than ours. We must learn to love ourselves as well. Maybe vlogs of people like Jasmine just reminds us on what are we doing with our lives. Maybe we are unhappy with our own lives but that doesn’t just stop there because we need to take action and live our lives in the best way we possibly can because life is short (for example: me, going all out and about at this comment section 😂). There’s definitely no way we can just wake up everyday, do these things, and then die: open up our social media accounts, look at other people’s amazing lives, and then dwell at the fact that our lives will never be as good as theirs (even though sometimes, it’s just a matter of seeing life in a different perspective than we usually do).

    💖 Hi Jasmine! I know you just got the first two rude comments in your vlog channel about a month ago and if you are having a bad day today, just remember that it is just a bad day. . .not a bad life! It is hard to be positive at all times but here’s one thing you can do about it. Just let your emotions out (cry, ugly cry, watch a movie, read a book, convert that madness into something productive if you can) and even talking to someone about it helps. It is just natural to be sad sometimes and that’s okay. You’re only a human and you don’t have to have it together every minute of everyday. But for me, you’re one of the best! Thank you for inspiring me. You have no idea how much big of an impact your videos help me see my life a little better, I love you soooo much! Sorry if this got long; words aren’t even enough to express my gratitude and love for you. I do these comments just so you know that somebody is always out there for you, that someone is appreciating what you love doing and that you don’t need let in the hate because people like me are always here for you to send some love. Thanks for responding to every single one of us as much as you can. We really appreciate it. Hmm ‘kay, sorry for being too cheesy.

    Love from Manila, Philippines 💗

    1. Yes, the internet is amazing! I love the fact that we can connect with people from all over the world whenever we want. It’s so easy to get caught up thinking someone’s life is perfect through pictures on Instagram or videos on YouTube but really no one’s life is perfect. My Summer Night Routine is my most popular video and I got a lot of comments saying my “life is perfect.” That opened my sister’s eyes because she remembers the day I was filming it and she said she thought she wasn’t going to like the video because honestly, we were all in a bad mood while I was filming that. It wasn’t a good day and I just knew I had to hurry and get the video filmed before the sun went down. My sister thought she wasn’t going to like the video because it wasn’t the best day ever… but when she watched it, you don’t notice the emotions that went on behind the camera. She was so surprised. And when she saw people commenting that my life is perfect JUST because that video was nicely edited, it made her realize that although I WAS showing what I do every night after work and that IS my life, videos don’t always showcase all the emotions going on behind the scenes.

      Anyways, thank you for that! I try not to pay attention to bad comments, it just made me sad that my small channel won’t be full of only my nice and true subscribers haha I like that it was a tiny community full of lovely and pure people. Channels grow so it’s expected but it just made me a little sad.

      Thank you for taking the time to write all of that, I really appreciate it and it truly makes me happy to see.

      Lots and lots and lots of love from the U.S. to the Philippines!!
      (My mom grew up there and gets excited when I tell her about my viewers from there)

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    Your comments are about this subject are so insightful and accurate. Made me think and feel better about things in general.
    Thanks. TQM

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