Happy Post #1


I get a lot of comments asking me how I start my day to make it more awesome. I don’t do anything in particular but what I have been thinking about doing for a while is a “happiness post.” I did a version of this in college when I was feeling down in the dumps. I got myself a notebook and at the end of each day I’d reflect on what happened by writing down the little things that made me happy. Small things like walking to class in the sunshine and getting a compliment from a random stranger on the street. I didn’t count them by days, I just had a continuous numbered list of things that made me happy. After a couple weeks, I had almost 100 things that made me happy and it was absolutely the most satisfying thing to look back on. You go about every day thinking it’s just another day when really, it’s not. There are little things that happen each day that just pass you by if you don’t record them in some way. I feel like journaling these small events is a great reminder to what really make you happy and that there are little things each day to look forward to.

If you read my last post, you know my life is FAR from perfect. Just because my vlogs appear happy 24/7 doesn’t mean that my whole life is that happy and cheery all the time. That being said, I’ve decided to pick this list back up again on this blog. This would be a reminder to myself to always look for the good in every day (because like I said, you can’t capture every little detail by vlogging) and to anyone else reading to look for the good in each and every day. I’ll publish each list with each vlog upload so when I watch the vlog back in the future, I can see the little things during that week that made me happy. SO! Let the first Happiness Post begin…


Happy List #1

0001. putting on charlie’s new hoodie and baseball shirt
0002. watching him walk around the house looking like a cute little baby human dog child
0003. going through my old room and donating a HUGE chunk of crap that’s just been sitting there
0004. watching arrival and moana with my family
0005. my mom screaming and scaring  the animals when something would happen in the movie
0007. not having much to edit for the vlog because i had done the majority on friday (yay me!)
0008. uploading the vlog for the week & getting suggestions on closet deodorizers
0009. waking up to a dozen white roses on my nightstand from leo
0010. finding a dozen pink roses on the kitchen table AND a dozen reds on my desk!
0011. DELICIOUS chocolate cake pop from starbucks on my desk for valentine’s day
0012. the amazing bread from the restaurant leo’s uncle works at (i had 4 of them yummm)
0013. leo trading my main dish for his when we both saw it was too adventurous for my picky self
0014. the lemon sorbet dessert after the meal
0015. the sun lighting up the pretty pink roses from valentine’s day on the kitchen table
0016. finally getting a netflix account!
0017. starting up pokemon season 1 with leo again
0018. seeing the crazy strong pouring rain for the first time in a very long time
0019. getting out early on fridays
0020. getting a new straightener after 3-4 years
0021. running through the pouring rain getting drenched but actually kind of liking it


I hope you’re all having an amazing week 🙂


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