2018 Update


Oh, hey there. You may have just watched the project I did with Aveeno x Allure in January. You may also be wondering where I have been since early February?! I’ve gotten lots of comments and DM’s asking where I’ve been and there are a few reasons why I’ve been off YouTube when I didn’t want to be off YouTube. Here are the reasons why. Read More

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Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Everyone


Thanksgiving is over and December is right around the corner. That means holiday gift shopping starts NOW. Or you know… the week of Christmas because who has time to shop with everything going on during the holidays. But hopefully this list will help get you inspired and maybe even get you started on your holiday shopping. And the best part… the majority of these can be found on AMAZON. Prime members rejoice!!! Read More


A Fall Outfit


Happy almost Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean we should forget about fall. That being said, I threw together a Thanksgiving outfit to celebrate the holiday and all things autumn.

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Joshua Tree, CA


Leo and I have talked about going camping in Joshua Tree for so many years but never took initiative to actually go do it. Out of the blue, our friend Eryn decides to surprise her boyfriend, Matt, with a weekend camping trip to Joshua Tree and asked us to join! Leo and I grabbed our tent, lots of water and ice (it was 100 degrees omg) and headed out to spend a night in the desert with some lovely people. Read More


Healthy Chocolate Milkshake


If you told me that I’d love eating healthy 2 years ago, I’d laugh in your face. But when I made the transition to vegetarian, I told myself I’d eat find healthy foods that I actually love to eat and CRAVE. This chocolate milkshake is one of them. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS! The milkshake I drink every morning comes out to about 16 fl oz. It’s super filling as well so you won’t be craving snacks between breakfast and lunch. Read More


My Go-To Packing List

Photo from the @away travel Instagram

While most of my friends gathered up their 12 grapes to eat when the clock struck 12 this past New Year’s Eve, my friend and I grabbed our luggages and wheeled them around the living room screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” She told me that it would bring lots of new travels during the new year. I didn’t believe her but we’re not even halfway through the year and I’ve already traveled more than I thought I would with more trips coming up.

Because of all the traveling, I’ve gotten my packing list down PERFECTLY (at least for me). I used to overpack or forget things but with this list I’ve come up with, I haven’t forgotten anything since. Read More

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Coachella: Weekend 2


A few summers ago I told myself I was done with music festivals. The last experience I had was at Hard Summer where it was extremely hot and whenever the beat would drop, everyone would start jumping up and down. This is expected at music festivals. The thing was, the whole ground was made up of dust. Whenever the beat would drop, not only would people start jumping up and down kicking dust up into the air, the stage would release huge sprays of water, soaking us all and allowing all the dirt to stick onto our sweaty bodies. I stood there in the crowd covered in dust and told myself this would be my last festival.

Fast forward a few years later, Leo and I try getting Coachella tickets (because yes it’s a music festival, but it’s COACHELLA) and we actually get tickets! Despite the sticky time I had at Hard Summer, I decided to give music festivals another shot. Read More

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Four Days in Maui


Leo started a new design job a few months back. After a few months, I could tell it was a much better fit for him than his previous ones. Towards the end of the year he told me he had some exciting news that he learned at work. When we both got home that night, he told me that his job had done so well that year that they were going to treat everyone and their SO’s to a trip to Hawaii. HAWAII! I SCREAMED. I couldn’t believe it. Hawaii has always been my favorite place and this time I’d get to go with Leo for FREE. I was so excited. Read More

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Scottsdale, AZ


The last few weeks have been so crazy. As you may have already been able to tell, work took a tole on both my YouTube channels. I was staying at work late to work on the “decks” or PowerPoint presentations the higher ups at TB put together for the Franchisees. My coworker and my job is to pretty up the decks with the branded theme for the convention. It takes a LONG TIME. Not to mention all the last minute revisions. Oh so fun! But  Read More


Happy Post #2


Happy Tuesday! I’ve decided that each happiness post will begin with the struggles I’ve faced this week and the things I did to solve them. This week (2/18-2/24) has been particularly tough for me. I’ve been super motivated since 2017 started. I’ve been on my YouTube game which makes me feel so productive and accomplished when I see a video uploaded on both channels every single week. The workload has been Read More